More Great Reviews of Smuggler/Saviour

by ptinti

Delighted to see three more great reviews over the past few weeks for Migrant, Refugee, Smuggler, Saviour. 

First, from the Financial Times:

“Migrant, Refugee, Smuggler, Saviour argues that the world needs to understand how networks of traffickers function if it is to get to grips with this migration crisis. Co-authors Tinti and Reitano … use a mixture of reportage, first-hand accounts from migrants and extensive research to uncover a series of complex transnational industries that exist to help migrants bypass barriers — whether geographic, man-made or political — for a profit.”

The next two from Foreign Policy and International Journalists’ Network, both of which included Migrant, Refugee, Smuggler, Saviour on “best of” lists for 2016.

From Foreign Policy‘s “What Foreign Policy Staff Read in 2016“:

Migration issues in Europe often break through the news cycle at the most dramatic and tragic points: Refugees charging through barbed wire as border police try to keep them out, or a drowned child washed up on the shores of the Mediterranean. But the journey in search of safe haven and economic opportunity begins long before boarding a boat to reach Europe’s shores. Tinti and Reitano’s book is a must-read for anyone trying to understand the mechanics of the migration crisis in a wider perspective. By focusing in on the conflicted role of the smuggler (who often doubles as a savior for those he is transporting), Tinti and Reitano shed light on one of the most under-examined facets of the ongoing crisis: A multibillion dollar industry of criminal networks that function as a last resort for people in dire circumstances when few legal migration pathways exist. The book isn’t just rigorously researched and packed with fascinating details, but clearly benefits from a reporter’s eye, weaved throughout with gripping first-hand accounts. While Europe’s leaders often respond to the “refugee crisis” with calls to tamp down on the flow of “illegal migrants” and the “traffickers” who abet them, Tinti and Reitano reach beyond those stale labels to help readers understand the nuanced incentives driving the migrant industry.

And from International Journalists’ Network list of the “Best Investigative Journalism of 2016“:

As millions of people from the Middle East and Africa struggle to seek refuge from conflict, oppression, natural disasters, poverty and hunger, their movements are enabled and encouraged by an organized criminal network of people smuggling, kidnapping and extorting money from refugees crossing into Europe. “Migrant, Refugee, Smuggler, Savior” tells the story of this complex underground economy.

Peter Tint and Tuesday Reitano, Global Initiative Against Transnational Organised Crime investigators who drew worldwide media attention to one of the most under-examined aspects of the global refugee crisis, told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour and the BBC that the Mafia earns billions of dollars from this insidious new trade over the death of thousands of migrants.

The book is currently available in the UK. Pick it up at your local bookstore or order it from or directly from the Hurst website. The US/Canada release is slated for April 1st and is already available for pre-order on