France gets deeper in Mali war: Are they ready?

by ptinti

CS Monitor

The recent rebel capture of the village of Diabaly renewed concerns that French air power in tandem with Malian ground forces would not be enough. Now French troops are headed north.

BAMAKO, MALI: French ground troops in Mali advanced north today toward the tiny hamlet of Diabaly, preparing to engage Islamic rebels in a shooting war whose duration and success are still a question mark.

What began as a limited air campaign last week to counter an ambitious rebel advance southward from strongholds in northern Mali may this week become a full-scale war.

The French are seeking to retake Diabaly from the rebels after the town of 35,000 fell last week and airstrikes did not check rebel advances.

“We will be fighting directly,” said French military chief of staff Adm. Edouard Guillaud on Europe 1 television Wednesday. “I am unable to say whether it is in one hour or in 72 hours.”

The French ground assault comes six days after French forces intervened with airstrikes as it appeared Islamist rebels captured Konna, a small town in central Mali close to the strategically vital cities of Sévaré and Mopti.

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