Huffpost Live: Mali in Chaos

by ptinti

This morning, I had the good fortune of participating in a panel discussion on HuffPost Live titled, “Mali in Chaos.”  HuffPost Live is a “live-streaming network that uses the HuffPost universe — the stories, editors, reporters, bloggers, and community — as its real-time script.” It launched on August 13, 2012.

I was hesitant to participate initially due to fears that it might be a debate format. I don’t have much interest in cable TV polemics. My one previous foray into TV was a thoroughly frustrating experience. This segment, however, was a conversation about Mali, its geopolitical relevance, US engagement (past and present) and the nature of the current crisis. It was an absolute delight and a pleasure to be among panelists such as Derek Henry Flood, Julie Owono and Scott Lacy, who each brought a unique perspective to the discourse.

Click here to watch.